Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, today's a short one. I'm wandering off my well-beaten path today to toss a few random things in that aren't my normal repertoire, but I don't think anybody will complain too much!

First, if you're on Facebook, go "like" Downy and then click HERE to get a free full-sized sample of whatever it is they're offering. Sad that I don't know, yeah, but it's free and full-sized, so that's about as far as my concern goes. Last I checked, this was still open, but if it isn't let me know. :)

Second! Ancestry is doing a free weekend. Unfortunately, it's specific: They're only letting users search the Sons of the American Revolution membership database. But if you know what names you're searching for, you're golden. I've already done some research on there and I know what names to look for. I technically qualify to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, along with a few other "secret" societies, but I haven't bothered. I might someday.

Third, a lovely link: No More Rack. I'm pretty much obsessed with this site now. You get a free $10 credit for joining, and when you refer friends you can earn free products (like an 8gb iPod, a MacBook Air, two different Canon cameras, and all sorts of fun stuff). They don't even have to buy anything - just register. Go! Do it!

And, of course, rounding it all out, a link from the Pagan/Wiccan section on for making smudge sticks. Need to go find some juniper and dry it out - but that's easy to find wild. Not gonna buy herbs just to dry and smudge. Too expensive!

I'm going to go claw my right eye out now and wonder what's going on behind my left ear. Staying inside unless I have to today - heat index is supposed to be 105. Yuck. So glad the power's back on!

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