Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ecos giveaway!

Okay, folks. Here are the rules.

I won't be doing the giveaway until I have 30 followers on GFC (Google Friend Connect; basically, people who are following me and my blog). This sounds like a lot, but I already am almost halfway there - so I think this is something we can do!

Once I hit 30 followers on GFC, I will open the giveaway with a post giving a few more details. I believe there may be three prizes, all separate, so there's a good chance of a lot of people winning (but no more than one prize per person). They would be three or so Ecos products: the Free & Clear detergent I love so dearly, and probably one of their bathroom and/or kitchen products. I haven't settled on which, so this last part is up in the air, but I'd like it to be a variety. I'm working with them on this part.

You will get to comment once on that post. That will be your entry. If you go "like" my Facebook page you will get to post another entry, along with your name on FB so I know you really did "like" me. If you send someone else here after that, while the giveaway is still open, I may figure out something special (some kind of referral system, like them posting on my FB wall that so-and-so sent them) so you get another entry from that.  I won't go any further with the entry options just because I don't expect to have so many people interested in the giveaway that giving people twenty ways to win is really necessary. :P But in the future, who knows?

So, let the blatant self-promotion begin! Have your friends come follow me on Google here, and go "like" my Facebook page. Once we hit 30 followers on here, the real fun begins. :)

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