Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring? Please?

There's some serious fog going on outside tonight. It's so thick I almost can't see across the street, which is pretty impressive. Supposedly we should be seeing spring sometime soon, but instead we've been occasionally teased with temperatures high enough to open a window for a few hours juxtaposed against days so cold we're half tempted to go back to hibernating and avoiding the outside world just to be able to pretend to ignore that cold wind.

Unfortunately, this is rarely an option. So we're dealing with the cold, and I'm trying desperately to come to terms with the fact that we're going to have another few inches of snow at the end of the week.

To come out of it, I want badly to plant herbs. I have the pots and soil to do so, but unfortunately I lack a very substantial ingredient: herbs. Turns out if you want to grow things, you sort of need seeds. In lieu of acknowledging this need for seeds (ha ha, ha), I've focused on watching Hubby transform our back room in about 24 hours from an unlivable mountain of assorted junk to a much more manageable and organized couple-of-hills of junk. It's a huge difference, and it's even kid-safe now, so the gate partitioning the back room off from the rest of the house has been lowered, and now the boys have the freedom to roam aaaaaaalmost anywhere they'd like. Minus the office, of course, which is going to stay off-limits so I can keep my sewing things safe, and so Hubby can have someplace to store and assemble his miniatures. And because there are pointy sharp things in there.

However, the mess that was the back room has not-so-kindly migrated to the rest of the house in the form of long-missing dishes, newly-sorted clothing that is making its way back into the rounds, and toys that have been hidden away. It's 50/50 in the long run; one room can be used but every other room in the house has picked up the slack for it.

Hoping for a job soon. Employment here is lacking severely.

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