Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hubby headed down to my mother's house (all of a block away) to help her with her computer, and returned with a half-pint of cream. It was originally purchased for my mother for her to use, to make scones I think, but was sent back with Hubby for us to use to make butter.

Hell, yes.

Making butter out of your own cream is incredibly easy, but insanely taxing. Pour into a container and shake the crap out of it, past the stage where you think you're making whipped cream, past the stage where it's starting to look like still-white butter, past the stage where you're losing feeling in your arms and are pretty sure that if you shake the container anymore, you're going to accidentally let go and it'll fly across the room. Getting to that point required me shaking for probably a good six or seven minutes, then passing off the container to G for him to shake it for all of half a minute and then hand it back, then giving it to Hubby to have him take over and actually achieve the goal of making some butter.

The downside is that making butter requires rinsing it afterwards and making sure it's entirely free of the buttermilk that's left over from the forming process. The other downside is that if you add some sea salt to make salted butter, it doesn't take much salt to make it over-salted butter. Plus side? All you have to do is add more butter to balance it out.

Of course, I'm now out of cream.

So after the Superbowl is over (yes, I'm watching; no, I don't care about football; yes, I only watch for the halftime show and the commercials), I'm going to head out to the store to procure our first gallon of organic milk, and way too much cream, and when I come home I'm going to make way more butter.

With the blender.

Sing like nobody's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching.

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