Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Elections

I voted today.

The man that I voted for, I am thankful to say, has retained his presidency and his opponent has conceded. I am waiting, currently, for President Barack Obama's victory speech.

I honestly wasn't sure I would be able to say that.

The amusing part is watching Facebook explode with commentary and angry tongue-lashings from my numerous conservative friends - they have become angry, even violent and belligerent - who are of the firm belief that somehow, reelecting President Obama will mean their lives imploding without warning.

And while I don't want to upset anyone, nor insult anyone, I'd like to make a very poignant statement:

These people are on food assistance, public aid, the state medical card/Medicaid, and are unemployed or underemployed. They are using birth control that they cannot currently afford, or cannot afford more children, and are aware that they have no desire to bring another life into the world. A number of the people I know live at or below 150% of the poverty line. They struggle, their children eat because of the free or reduced lunch programs, and they owe thousands in student loan debts.

They thought that somehow Romney would fix those things, even when he and his constituents had made it very clear that they had absolutely no intention of serving the middle and lower classes.

I am so happy to see President Obama win reelection.

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