Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When my brain explodes, it'll make this sound


That's pretty much all I have going for me right now. The house still isn't cleared out enough to say that we're on the right track, but we're getting there. We only have our UHaul truck until 8AM tomorrow, so we're kind of running at a frantic pace right now, desperately trying to get as much out right now as possible. We've had help off and on all day - watching kids, moving things, and generally being as helpful as possible. It isn't ideal, but then again, "ideal" would be having a whole slew of people out here all at once and having the entire moving process only take a few hours. That would also require us having absolutely everything already packed, and we certainly didn't. As with most of our moves, the last of our items have been put into bags, and will no doubt spend a good couple of weeks in the storage unit until we're at a point when we can head out and re-store some things. It's generally a huge disaster, but we can only do so much right now. Hubby is doing all the hard work, moving things and transporting them, so I've pulled him inside after our last bout of help has left so he can sit, rest, get a drink and cool down. It's horribly hot outside - the actual temperature was 102 last we checked, and with the heat index we've been sitting between 110 and 115 all afternoon. It's too much, but I'm wondering if this is better than rain. Maybe it is - maybe it isn't. I don't dare say rain would be better, because we've moved when it's pouring, and that's no better in the long run.

Also, a big congrats shout-out to an awesome person and an amazing woman in general, Raven - who is expecting an equally-as-kickass bundle of joy at the end of January! I couldn't be happier for her, and I'm so thrilled that I have yet another reason to crochet some adorable animals! Of course, obviously my biggest concern is the pictures, because I looooooove new baby pictures. Hopefully next summer if (when?) we head up that way we'll get to meet the newbie! (And finally Raven - I've never actually gotten to meet her for any length of time!)

Back to some Thundercats, then off to Nana's house to move some stuff at her place, then back to the insanity of trying to move things. Wish us well; we need it. Love and blessings to everybody.

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