Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trying my hand

So I made some kind of a vague attempt at being all crafty a bit ago. Here's the result:

I didn't make the copper tree; that's a beautiful creation by my far more talented and awesome father-in-law, Carter. He still lives up in Maine, and is now (temporarily?) semi-retired. He's been making things like this since the dawn of time to the best of my knowledge, and while he sells them in some stores up in Maine, if you live elsewhere you can check out his wares by visiting his site, CopperTree Sculptures. His talent is unquestionable, and if you want to support a small home business made by an awesome dude (love ya, Caahh-tahh!), I highly suggest you go poke around there.

I don't know why I felt compelled to make this. It isn't as attractive as it could be, not great, but it's neat, I think. I'm proud of myself for it. It's not pretty, or professional, but it's me, and I made it, and that makes it more me. I wish it was super-awesome-shiny-pretty-cool, and it isn't, but it's neat to me and I think I did a good job. :)


  1. Are you kidding? Your pentacle is GORGEOUS! I especially love that you used the copper tree as inspiration for your own beautiful pentacle. :)