Wednesday, March 31, 2010


No more planting today, unfortunately. I wanted to see if I could get anything done but to no avail - instead, it was a quiet day. I took the boys outside so G could play with some sidewalk chalk and both of them could get some sun. It turns out that neither one wanted to stay outside very long, but at least we got out there.

Tonight we'll have money for groceries, and we'll need one thing tonight (formula, unfortunately), but everything else can be bought tomorrow. I can't wait - I LOVE going grocery shopping! We've become broccoli addicts around here, and it turns out that if you cut it up and put it in plastic bags in the fridge, it lasts a long time. Which is great, I think, because a little broccoli can go a long way.

That's unfortunately about it. New washer works great. Need to make some kind of post plan for tomorrow...

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