Thursday, March 18, 2010


First of all, a HUGE apology.

Part of being a responsible blogger is to acknowledge and accept the responsibility of actually updating said blog on a regular enough basis to make reading it a worthwhile venture for followers. I have not been upholding my end of this bargain, and as such, I am VERY sorry. I know that apologies don't really do much for most people, especially when the reason offered happens to be indiscriminately vague: namely, I have been depressed.

Okay, so let's take it a little further. I am the kind of depressed that modern medicine has been struggling to help.

I know that the crunchy thing to do would have been to take some St. John's wort and continue on with my life. Unfortunately, as we all know, sometimes the crunchy option is not always the best. Instead, I am on Lexapro, via prescription from my OB. I am also no longer on my previously chosen form of birth control (the Mirena IUD). The decision was made that the combination of the anti-depressant and the hormones were making my previous depression problems worse. For now, we are using a combination of not really having sex, pull 'n' pray, and condoms to prevent pregnancy. Once I have an established cycle back, we'll go into the "natural family planning" option of charting - not to conceive, of course, but to avoid it (colloquially referred to as "TTA" or "trying to avoid" by most of the forum communities I'm a part of). I'm already vaguely familiar with charting, so learning how to do it fully and keeping track of my cycles should (hopefully) not be difficult for me. It'll also be fun to help C learn how to do everything!

Also, I have made a couple of decisions. First and foremost, for anyone who is aware, I have a blog called "Believe In The Flowers". Although it hasn't been updated in several months, as of today, I will no longer be updating it. I won't be shutting it down, in case I ever want or need to access it again, but I have no intention of ever continuing to use it. This was a personal decision that I made based on the fact that I already don't update the blogs that I do have. I see no reason to continue a blog that has no real purpose to me anymore. Granted, I do still have things I want to complain about - don't get me wrong about that! - but I can always torture anyone and everyone that reads this blog as well by occasionally sharing my woes here.

More importantly (at least in my opinion), I have changed my name on Twitter. I used to be @bitf and as of this morning I have become @crazycrunchy instead. I have 24 followers who this currently affects, and I have sent all of them a direct message. However, if you are a follower, and you notice that @bitf is no longer updating, that would be why!

Regular posting will resume tomorrow!

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