Monday, January 24, 2011

Poor, poor baby

Yesterday everything was fine - but last night, A started spiking a pretty high fever and lost all interest in food. After doing all of the typical "bring down the fever" things I know how to do, and including infant off-brand Tylenol in the mix, he hit 103.9F - and we headed to the ER at 2AM. While we were there, he hit his highest fever yet of 104.9F. They did a chest x-ray, decided that he has very early pneumonia, and sent us home with azythromiacin and instructions to keep up the Tylenol. The poor kid has had a rough time of it, but so far the rest of us are still physically doing all right, and he's not dehydrated, even if he still isn't eating. He's still pretty lethargic, but at least now he's doing well enough that between naps and bottles and sad, sad faces, he's talking again and actually getting up occasionally and walking between Daddy and I.

So today's post will be short, and basically a big pat on the back for the Kawaii overnight dipes, because they are amazing and I am addicted.

I'm also in the midst of some pretty serious absorbency/stink issues that are making me insane. A has been in disposables the last couple of days as I power-wash and retest almost all our cloth to see if I've fixed the problem. It's a slow battle, one that is going to soon involve bleach in small amounts, as I feel I've tried everything else.

I'm also looking for fun ideas for G's fourth birthday party at the end of March. I need suggestions! Last year was the Wonder Pets. :D

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