Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clothies And Hats

Well, first of all, I have my official first shipment of BG 3.0 OS dipes. So here's my review after about a week of usage:

Microfiber inserts hold a LOT of liquid!
Not as bulky as I expected
They fit a 2 1/2 year old on the biggest setting
The colors are true to the website
They didn't bleed color when washed in hot water
Don't hold stains or smell at all
Aplix holds well
Inserts tumble dry quickly

Bulkier than sposies for sure
Newborn insert addition makes dipes VERY bulky
Six is so not enough (haha)
Covers take FOREVER to dry (must hang dry)
Stuffing dipes can be time-consuming and awkward/difficult
Doubling the front later will be awkward and lead to lots of bulk
Poop sticks pretty hardcore to the dipe

So far, I think it's about even - I'm liking them, but since I only have six to use (and about a billion Indian prefolds that do me no good without covers) it's really difficult to keep up with the diapers when it comes to washing. I feel like I'm wasting a lot of water and electricity trying to wash them constantly, so that is my only big complaint thus far, but that isn't the fault of the diapers. I think I'm gonna like this.

Also, I'm making HATS.

I made this for Alex for Christmas. I have no idea if it'll actually fit or not, but I've hand-sewn the entire thing. Thus far I think it looks pretty awesome. I'm a little worried that using the fleece will prove to be a bad idea because it stretches so much, and I worry that the stitches will stretch right out, but we'll just have to see - if it ends up not working, so be it. I'm not out much in the long run, and I won't be entirely heartbroken if my first attempt at a hat doesn't end up picture-perfect. As it stands, I think that's a pretty good hat, considering I didn't hem the bottom (the fabric rolls and doesn't fray so I didn't see the point in taking an extra half an hour to do that by hand, too) and didn't use a pattern (which is why it's a bit off-kilter). I figure, for my kids, I'm not too bothered by a little lean, and that makes it more unique, right? Ha, ha, ha.

Now, here's the thing: If this hat ends up lasting, I'm seriously considering making more of them. The cloth that the spots came from literally cost a dollar for a 18" x 20" piece, the fleece was a HUGE yard for almost $3, and of course I honestly don't factor in the cost of thread as it's minimal at best. The yellow felt was left over from a Halloween costume Colin made YEARS ago that somehow floated with him from apartment to apartment, and I found it and decided it needed to be used. So here we have it, the finished hat. I suppose there would be a good market for these, as the cost would be little and the hats would be FREAKING CUTE. The best part is that if I chose to make these and sell them, and used my sewing machine to make the hats themselves, I could make these in like 15 minutes flat, from cutting to the last stitch on the polka dots. I could do stripes of the felt, I could do just about anything anyone wanted, and it would be pretty easy all things considered.

So, my nonexistent not-so-loyal readers, what do YOU think? If it were a little better made, would YOU buy these from a WAH momma?

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