Friday, October 30, 2009


I would be lying to you if I said I at all liked, appreciated, or wanted to continue using gDiapers with flats. I suppose that in retrospect the whole system would be much more efficient if I had more of the actual diapers to use; I have four snap-in liners, a decent number of foldable flats, and an entire unopened package of the biodegradable, flushable liners that I could use if I wanted to.

The problem is that I DON'T want to use the liners. I might be acting like a stubborn animal about this, but to me the point of going cloth was to actually use cloth, not to use a mixture of the two. I'd consider it if necessary but at home, with easy access to a washer and dryer, I don't see the point of not going all-out. But the flats, well, pardon my French but the damn flats don't hold a damn thing! This child pees once and it's over. It bunches itself up a billion times over and he squirms and gets uncomfortable. It doesn't matter how I fold them, although I've found a method that has so far worked rather well for poop (there's a detail I know you wanted), at least, which is progress:

And that would be it. I'm sure there's a name for that fold, like "the pocket" or something, since I knows I saw it somewhere and didn't just make it up all on my own, but I forget. This seems to work relatively well, and to a degree it even almost fits in the gDiaper's liner. Unfortunately, it doesn't absorb well for a boy, and I worry that if I try to fold it almost any other way I'll regret it, because it'll either be too thin in the back and poop will soak through, or it'll be too thick in the front and it will be uncomfortable for him. I don't really want to put him through any undue stress. I just can't find a fold for flats that I like - and at this point I'm pretty much thinking that after this, these damn things are going back to being burp rags. I am soooo finished with them.

In other news, I've been doing a lot of looking online as to how to construct my own cloth diapers. This poses two problems for me: 1) I would have to buy very expensive outer cloth from a few exclusive online stores to use as an outside cover to keep the diapers waterproof, and 2) if I decided NOT to do that, I would have to buy plastic diaper covers that would end up ruining my hard work and wouldn't be see-through anyway!

So I have to ask, that being said: how do moms who don't use waterproof diapers work with this problem? Is there a website that sells special covers that are see-through? Do you just not use covers while you're at home and risk the aftermath of wet floors, clothes, etc? I could see this being an option for a mobile baby, but for my little three-month-old ("Little," she says! Ha!) this seems .. I dunno. Nobody will ever see the diapers, you know? It seems counterintuitive. But I'm still curious. So if anybody has an answer for me, that'd be great.

But that hasn't stopped me from making the attempt:

Yes, I know, I haven't done anything with any of it yet, and none of the cloth I bought will provide for one of the one-size-fits-all diapers that I've been longing for and that are my ideal diaper. I also know that metal snaps are a no-no, but it's all Wal-Mart had at the time, dammit.

I can't promise that I actually have the intention of following through with this. At the very least, it'll likely be a while, because I don't have an answer to my plastic covers issue (Wal-Mart only sells opaque white covers), and at the moment my sewing desk is covered in baby clothes that haven't yet been properly sorted from the move.

I know I was also going nuts over the BumGenius 3.0 diapers - because they've gotten some good reviews and also because they're one-size-fits-all (OS) diapers. I'm kind of big on the idea of only having to get a few actual diapers during my baby's lifetime, and then only have to replace the prefolds occasionally, but I'm starting to lean toward looking through the Thirsties diapers. They offer an OS dipe, although it isn't TOTALLY OS because there are two different diapers to buy - but the latter diaper goes up to 40 lbs! That would still fit Gabe! They're also slightly cheaper than the BG 3.0, and the Thirsties diapers go up another five pounds.

Why do I freak out about this? Well, I don't want to make my own plastic covers. Yes, I am lazy. No, I do not want to have to cut up a shower curtain (nor buy a shower curtain, for that matter). I can't sew all that well as it is and I don't really think I want to fail even more on a bunch of vinyl.

So I'm going through all this in my head. I've decided I want to go with Indian prefolds for now, and 20 of those is about $35 from Cotton Babies. So that much is pretty set in stone. The same site sells a "kit" of BG 3.0 dipes, 6 for $104.70 (or $105 for the sake of making more sense in my head). Plus the prefolds, that's a one-time expenditure of about $140 without shipping, since Cotton Babies would offer free shipping on an order that large. Six Thirsties diapers from the same store would retail at $12.75 each, so $76.50 - and the free shipping would still qualify. Add in the prefolds and that's $111.50 - a savings of almost $30 on diapers. That $30 I would've spent on buying the BG 3.0 dipes could be spent instead on a bunch of things: more prefolds, or maybe one of the Thirsties cloth diapers and one of their covers to see how I like that combination. Or I could save the $30 in general.

Ooh, options. I love saving money and the Thirsties diapers have gotten pretty good reviews, too. We shall see where this all takes me.


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